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02 July 2008 @ 05:36 pm
We Return  

With the second part of the Season 4 finale set to air this weekend in the UK, I want to open up a new ficathon but this time it'll be a little different in the way we do things. I want to ask anyone who wants to see a story written to reply to this message and list up to five prompts. The prompts can be words, pictures, or storylines with a preferred emphasis on FLUFF. I say fluff because frankly we might be in need of it after the conclusion of JOURNEY'S END on Saturday.

Now here's how this ficathon will be different.

Instead of assigning each prompt to someone I will list each prompt in a new post and you can pick any two prompts you'd like to fulfill. Each claimed prompt will be crossed off after it has been claimed. Prompts will be added throughout the ficathon so keep listing them.

You are free to write as many stories as you'd like but can only claim two prompts at a time. So that means when you're done with your two claimed prompts link me to the story/stories and then claim two more on the list if you so desire.

Since the prompts are opened to whomever there will be no sign up deadline. However I won't open open sign ups until after I have received at least 30 prompts. I will ask that people try to post their stories by a deadline no later than September 2, 2008.