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Time & Space

a Doctor/Rose Tyler ficathon community

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About the Community

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time_x_space is a Doctor Who fanfic challenge/ficathon community created to hopefully help inspired new stories centered on the relationship between the Doctor and Rose Tyler. Although this community will be focused more on the relationship shared by Ten/Rose, any and all Nine/Rose fics will be equally welcomed!

Community Rules

1. This community is dedicated to the relationship shared between the Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler. While both of her relationships with the 9th/10th regenerations of the Doctor are welcomed in this community, this place was created with the hopes of inspiring even more fanfics that focused on Ten/Rose.

2. If you are not a Doctor/Rose shipper please DO NOT join this community with the sole purpose of trolling those of us who see an ongoing romance between our favorite Time Lord and Companion.

2a. Also be NICE to your fellow community members because anyone who flames or is just downright rude will be kicked out of this community.

3. Any stories with adult content MUST BE LABELED properly for me to list it in the ficathon’s master list.

4. Participation in the ficathon is flexible, however I ask that if you must drop out please let me know ASAP so I can find a replacement to fulfill your assignment.

5. Please be sure to leave our authors plenty of FEEDBACK on their journals as helps to inspire and keep them going on.

6. The main ficathon community will remain closed to general conversations but if you need to talk to fellow participants you are free to join and use our sister OT community time_x_space_ot

7. Got a question about British sayings or something they do? Then may I suggest you join dw_britglish, a Doctor Who community specifically created for the purpose of answering those kinds of questions,

Important Posts

Please be sure to read the following posts!

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ten_n_tyler, a community dedicated solely to the Ten/Rose relationship
songs_in_time, a community for those songs that remind you of the Doctor and Rose

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